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Whether you drive your 4WD primarily in city commute or enjoy true off road adventures, Brian Turner's Auto is the best workshop for your four wheel drive servicing, 4WD repairs and 4WD modifications such as lift kits.

Before you go on your off-road adventure, check that your 4WD is up for the trip! Make sure your 4WD on-board toolbox is properly stocked with the right tools, and you take along the right 4WD spare parts and basic first aid supplies & survival gear, and pack some optional 4WD accessories that could make the trip more fun. Call Stuart Park, NT now or make a car service appointment online!

Four Wheel Drive car service Stuart Park NT 0820

4WD Car Service and 4WD Accessories in Stuart Park, NT

Today's Four Wheel Drive (4WD) vehicles offer several varied drive train systems to help conquer slippery conditions - a four-wheel drive vehicle may be equipped with a Full-time 4WD, Part-time 4WD, or Automatic 4WD. Stuart Park, NT provides quality 4WD service and 4WD equipment for all makes and models of 4WD.

Visit Stuart Park, NT today and get all 4WD gead and 4WD products you need, including:

• 4WD coil springs
• 4WD gas pressure shocks
• 4WD leaf springs
• 4WD polyurethane bushes
• 4WD snorkels
• 4WD custom bull bars
• 4WD vehicle suspension
• 4WD service and repairs


• 4WD shackles and fixed pins
• 4WD steering dampers
• 4WD torsion bars
• 4WD U-bolts
• 4WD tow hitches
• 4WD storage systems
• 4WD pre trip set up
• 4WD protection equipment

We service all 4WD makes and models, including:

• Ford
• Daihatsu
• Hummer
• Land Rover
  • Lexus
• Mazda
• Mitsubishi
• Nissan

• Range Rover
• Suzuki
• Toyota
• European 4WDs

As an independently owned local car service, Stuart Park, NT mechanics give you the personalised service you want. As a Repco Authorised Car Service centre in Stuart Park, NT, we give you the peace of mind with the Repco Nationwide Warranty,which covers quality Repco parts and labour. and is supported at over 400 Repco Authorised Service Dealers Australia wide. Contact us now or use the online booking form!

Stuart Park 4WD car service

Our love for Four Wheel Drives means our mechanics provide the best Service, Repairs and Modifications for your 4WD. We understand the way you use your vehicle and why there are some things which need to be treated differently on a vehicle that gets the kind of rough treatment it's going to receive. Like the added suspension your 4WD will need when its fully loaded up for touring, or fitting the right snorkel to cope with the dusty outback conditions and wet crossings in Australia. Book a service with Brian Turner Auto online now

Even if you're not the adventurous kind and your all wheel drive vehicle doesn't see much off-road action we still provide standard 4wd servicing and repairs and will help keep your vehicle in peak condition.

4WD car service Stuart Park NT 0820

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